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Windows 10 Home Bit License Key

The new Windows 10 Home operating system provides both experienced users and beginners with a solid foundation and a familiar environment. Like previous editions of the Windows operating system, the Home version offers an extremely user-friendly interface. In addition, Microsoft Windows 10 Home adjusts to the device on which it is installed and its properties. The requirements of this operating system are similar to those of its predecessors, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. This means that even older computers can run Win 10 Home without problems.
              New features in the Windows 10 Home operating system

Apart from the optical changes, the MS Windows 10 Home operating system also includes new features:

  • Cortana: an intelligent personal assistant that will prove to be a valuable help in daily activities and a pleasure to know
  • Microsoft Edge: The new web browser that replaces the old Internet Explorer
  • Facial recognition and biometric access: fingerprint or face scanning, if the necessary equipment is available
  • Continuum: dedicated mode for tablet and touch devices
  • Windows Holographic: the platform for the HoloLens glasses (augmented reality)

                Programs and games
The Win 10 Home operating system also includes applications for calendar, e-mail, music, photos or video. Another graphics innovation that this operating system introduces is the new DirectX 12, which gives you the graphics support you need to run the latest games and applications that require the latest graphics processing. Thus, the Xbox One games on your Microsoft account also receive the necessary performance boost to allow you to view or play them in streaming.
                Updated features and the new Windows 10 Home operating system

The familiar Start menu has been redone so that part of it offers a windowed surface that can be customized with individual functions according to your needs. The desktop has been endowed with new features that allow you to use multiple virtual desktops. The Windows Store has been standardized for all versions along with the conversion to Microsoft Windows 10 Home.
                 Security and data protection

Out of respect for security, the MS Windows 10 Home operating system introduced the new standard for online authentication, Fido Alliance 2.0. In tandem with this, the “Microsoft Hello” biometric authentication was introduced, which will allow access to the PC without the need for a password.

When it comes to personal data protection, Windows 10 introduces the new EDP (Enterprise Data Protection). It is a module that protects personal data against unwanted use. Another example could be the settings in the system, which will allow you to change the data sent to Microsoft, in the form of feedback.
              Optimal support with Microsoft Windows 10 Home

Microsoft stated that in the future they will not publish other versions of Windows, instead Windows will be used as a service. This means that if you purchased Windows 10 Home you will not only receive updates in the form of bug fixes, but also new features that were not available at launch or when you purchased the operating system.
            Note:  Please note that Windows 10 Home does NOT allow you to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro!

License Type: Retail, Digital License 

Validity: permanent * 

Architecture: 32/64 bit 

Version: Windows 10 Home 

Language: all languages 

Processor required  Compatible processor of 1 GHz or faster
Memory required 1 GB RAM for 32-bit; 2 GB for 64-bit
Hard disk space required Up to 20 GB of available hard disk space
Video card required Screen resolution of 800 x 600 or higher. DirectX® 9 graphics processor with WDDM driver
Connectivity required Internet access



To install Windows from 0:
1. Go to:
2. Download: Windows Media Creation tool ->create installation media
3. Select Windows 10 – 32 /64 bits of your choice ->next
4. USB /ISO depending on the device you want to install windows USB stick / DVD
5. At the beginning of the installation process you will be asked about the type of Windows version, choose home, then you will be asked for the license, enter the license received by email.
6. Windows will automatically activate when connected to the Internet.







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